Services and expertise

We offer expertise covering the entire spectrum of drama based training - from forum theatre to business simulations, from coaching clinics to assessment and development centres. Many of our clients have moved their courses online and several clients have asked us to create online courses for them.  Our expertise and flexibility is rooted in our experience from many years of cooperation with companies of all organisational types, sizes and sectors. 

Actors and Facilitators

Role Call’s specialist team of actors and facilitators lead by Debbie Manship, are fully briefed re business strategy, structure & operation at any level, in any given department, to enable them to recreate credible and recognisable people and situations for participants to benefit from genuine experiential learning. 

Role Call uses a variety of roleplay techniques – pre-written scenarios; bespoke scenarios tailored to the participant’s specific situation and objective; forum theatre and business simulations which are effective for large or small group work and encourages interactivity, team work and innovative solutions.

Role Call’s actor-facilitators are fully aware of the content and aims of every course and the models and techniques that underpin them. We work closely with you and your trainers to reinforce and illustrate the didactic content and give focussed, specific and developmental feedback to each participant. 

Oliver Langdon in 'Could Do Better' for UCB Pharma


A film for your e-learning programme or training course, enhances the participants' experience, changes the dynamic and reinforces your key messages. In association with ECP video, Role Call has produced many DVDs for our clients. Here's a sample of some of our work.  

"Thanks again for such an amazing job - the feedback has been overwhelming. The client's final comment was -"It was brilliant that I am lost for words". They really were delighted.

Philippa Mallaband, Consultant CCA. 

Live Events

Janie Wilson, James Puddephatt, Oliver Langdon.'Could Do Better' UCB Pharma

A bespoke play, forum theatre session, or interactive drama workshop can be an effective and memorable addittion to your conference or live event. From the original idea, through to producing the event, we will work with you to deliver a high impact, high quality experience for every delegate.

HMRC LGBT Staff Diversity Networks, Joint Conference:

"I'm sure that you will be pleased to hear that 93% of delegates rated your session as 'excellent!' Everyone present thoroughly enjoyed your performance portraying 'real life' portrayals of homophobia and transphobia in the workplace. Comments made by attendees included:

  • The drama workshop was superb. Well done!
  • The drama workshop was excellent. I really enjoyed it.
  • A very thought provoking session

I can only echo these comments. The scenarios were all very well thought out and professionally performed and I thought you respnded to comments from the floor with great skill and insight"

Diane Wailes, Diversity Senior Manager, HMRC